A Nation-to-Nation Relationship

Finally! A president and a time period showing their tender side.

But how could it be?

A United States’ president having a heart and a conscience?

On December 15th, 2010 the US president, Barack Obama, set up direct appointments with 12 tribal leaders at the White House. Each tribal leader is from one of the 12 different Indian regions in the US. And the following day, December 16th, the President held a meeting with the leaders of the 565 federal-government recognized tribal nations for the White House Tribal Nations Summit. As normal as this should seem, it’s quite a breakthrough. The United States’ government and the tribal nation governments are starting to get along. In regards to relationships with Indigenous governments, the twenty-first century is looking up.

As we know from the Alcatraz movement in the late 1960s to the early 1970s, both governments being in the same room has not worked out very peacefully in the past. However, Obama is well liked amongst the tribal nations (he even was adopted into the Crow Nation and given the name “One Who Helps People Throughout the Land) and it was during his administration that the annual White house Tribal Nations Summit started.

During Obama’s presidency, the United States government has taken monumental steps towards establishing a better Indian community. During these annual meetings, the Indian Health Care Improvement Act was made permanent, the Tribal Law & Order Act was signed (an important law helping the United States Federal government to understand and adhere to the public safety of tribal communities), a concordance on the United States Department of Agriculture settlement on the Keepseagle case was met (a case concerning the discrimination of Native American farmers), and the Cobell Settlement was made into law (a lawsuit originally filed by Native Americans against the US government accusing them of mismanaging Indian trust funds/assets in which now the government must repay many Indians).

With all of these improvements, not only are the Indians benefitting greatly, but the relationship between the federal and tribal government is finally being bandaged. Our government has a long way to go, but Obama was bold and caring enough to take the first steps.

He preaches change? Sounds pretty accurate to me.


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