Jemez Pueblo Going (and Getting) Green

This green revolution we’re in seems to be inspiring everyone. From the Hawaiian musician Jack Johnson making his recording studio run on solar energy to the Jemez Pueblo tribe of New Mexico adding solar panels to their reservation, efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Not only will the solar panels contribute to the cause of using renewable energy sources, but it will also bring in some needed money to the reservation. There is no debate that Native Americans as a whole, are the most poverty stricken people in the United States. Their different and more simple lifestyle relies on fair teamwork and trading, two concepts opposite of the American “dog eat dog” mentality. Reservation life is definitely a challenge in this age, but these solar panels are predicted to bring in about $25 million in the next 25 years. Needless to say, these solar panels will make life on the reservation a bit easier.

This particular project will include 14850 solar panels on 30 acres producing enough energy for about 600 homes. The government will be paying the $22 million cost of the project, but with the revenue being twice that amount in fifty years, it seems worth the donation. This installation of solar panels will be the first on tribal land, and will set an example for other tribes and even the rest of America to follow.

If every Native tribe installs these solar panels and makes money, prideful Americana may need to “out do” them, which in the case of helping the planet, is a good thing. Let’s hope this revolution sticks around and influences enough people to make a difference. Helping the planet and making money? Seems like a pretty good deal to me.


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I am an 18 year old freshman at the University of Illinois. Driving towards a philosophy major and a music minor, my number one priority right now is school work. However, when I'm not in school or studying for classes, music and my friends are my world. I can't wait to expand this blog and really make it my own! I've never done anything like this before, so it should be fun!
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