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Well, all good things must come to an end. It’s been a great semester, but I’m done and ready for summer. AIS 101 is over, and not going to lie, I know I’ll miss it. I’ll miss learning about real events, real people, real history, and real heroes. I’ll miss it all right, but I won’t forget it.

I hope this blog was somewhat interesting. I really looked hard for topics that sparked my curiosity and hopefully they sparked yours too. Just in writing these blog posts, I have learned so much. From fishing rights, to the peace pipe, to Osama bin Laden and Geronimo, summarizing, analyzing, and responding to these topics make them really stick with you.

All my teachers told me my senior year of high school how in college, learning if completely different. They’d always talk about how you remember things you learn in college not only because the studying is more intensive and demanding, but also because usually you’re interested in the classes you take. As much as my naïve senioritis filled self didn’t believe that, I now know it’s true. I loved AIS 101 because we read so many compelling articles and books, and because I wanted to learn. I got everything I wanted out of AIS 101, and I will certainly recommend it to my friends. My mom studied Native American cultures extensively in college, so we’ll have a lot to talk about this summer.

It’s been real.


About annieais101

I am an 18 year old freshman at the University of Illinois. Driving towards a philosophy major and a music minor, my number one priority right now is school work. However, when I'm not in school or studying for classes, music and my friends are my world. I can't wait to expand this blog and really make it my own! I've never done anything like this before, so it should be fun!
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